Shudh-100 OC Zeolite


SHUDH-100 Zeolite is advanced and quality zeolite preferably  used for oxygen concentrator.

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Lithium Oxygen sieve SHUDH-100


Molecular sieve SHUDH-100 series of high-efficiency oxygen generation molecular sieve is a lithium X-type aluminosilicate crystal, which is an oxygen generation molecular sieve with international advanced level.


zeolite PSA hydrogen purification

Technical Specifications

Item TypeDiameterStatic H₂O AdsorptionStatic N₂ AdsorptionN2/O2 SelectivityBulk DensityCrush StrengthPackage Moisture
SHUDH-100A Bead0.4-0.8≥30≥22≥6.200.63±0.03≤0.5
SHUDH-100B Bead1.3-1.7≥30≥22≥6.200.63±0.03≥15≤0.5
Unitmm%wt g/mlN%wt


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