Mr. Amit Bhatnagar
Mr. Amit Bhatnagar, an ex-IITian, a social entrepreneur, who is known for his commitment towards the society. He left his luxurious job from universal studio Hollywood to serve the country with his technological innovations and is the face behind the well-recognized innovations at the global level (World's first portable pathology lab, lab on a bike, and shudhvayu air filters). He has now initiated ‘shudhO2’ which is a technologically advanced innovation with the help of existing technologies which will help India in generating high quality oxygen plants and oxygen concentrators.

There was a shortage of oxygen in the country in such a way that the government system, the hospital, the patients, and their family members were all worried, there was huge chaos in the country for oxygen supply, and it was imperative to fix this crisis.

With shudhO2 Initiative (ShudhO2 Oxygen Generation Plants and ShudhO2 oxygen Concentrator) we are ready to deal with the current covid and oxygen scenario, as well as for the potential third wave. We hope that with the help of our technological innovations (ShudhO2 Oxygen Generation Plants and ShudhO2 oxygen Concentrators), we will be able to overcome this.

Every citizen of this country has the right to get affordable oxygen supplies, we have taken one step, and you take one. Support us so that we can increase our manufacturing as much as possible

– Mr. Amit Bhatnagar